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Engage ad Enlighten

The mural, as an art form is a perfect vehicle for change. 

If done right, it can deliver impactful messages that boost morale throughout a school and it's surrounding community.

The opportunity to impact an entire student body and the neighboring community

(as curators) is what drives us; it's our passion.


Union Wall

The Union Wall at Lincoln's Beard Brewing, Miami, FL

Started in 2016, The Union Wall was just a small piece of a fundraiser event for a local non-for-profit.  Four years later, it has developed into one of the most photographed mural-walls in South Florida.  For the street-art enthusiast, it's a must see! 

With 47 artists representing The Union, Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co. (known for it's craft brew) is now also known for the caliber of street-art that adorns it's east wall.  

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