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Palmetto Middle School


In a bid to inspire creativity, instill pride, and build community, the Elevate Arts Foundation in conjunction with Palmetto Middle School is thrilled to announce the launch of “Palmetto Walls":

an innovative school-wide mural project developed and curated by the Elevate Arts Foundation. This exciting initiative aims to beautify the school campus with vibrant and captivating artworks that will engage and inspire not only the student-body but the faculty as well as the community. Recognizing the crucial role art plays in education and nurturing critical thinking, the Elevate Arts Foundation looks to create an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Our hope is that we will elevate the artistic consciousness of the school community while encouraging students to explore their artistic abilities.


Lets #makearthappen!



Tools of the Trade

A colossal mural that towers over the campus at Palmetto Middle.

It serves as a reminder that ART is a viable direction to pursue as a career choice. Dreps hopes to inspire the next generation; encouraging students to explore their artistic abilities.

Bloom your way

With her mural Bloom Your Way, Hannah Lorra attempts to inspire students to be confident when choosing their path in life. If their journey leads to happiness, it is valid and good! Bloom



IMG_8530 (1).jpg

Renda Writer

Love Mural 2024

The message is personal yet universal. Renda keeps it clean and simple. All we need is LOVE! Thats it.


Alejandra Gotera

Mind Landscape

With her latest mural, Alejandra pushes the visual envelope, combing her love of mark-making with her affinity for the landscape. The result (the mural) is all-inspiring. To walk down the hall is to jump right into her field.



Those who Read, become those who Lead.

Rod (KingRodRoyal) on IG blesses Palmetto Middle School with this gem of a mural. An advent reader himself, he hopes to inspire the next generation; to pick up a book and start to lead.   

WilsonKOI 24_edited.jpg


Love Koi

In the Japanese culture a koi is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. My hope is that this piece brings that luck and prosperity to the entire student body at Palmetto Middle. But know this -luck is when, "preparation meets opportunity." Be prepared and God Speed to all at Palmetto Middle School.


The work of Chuave (seen here)

is a visual improvised dance in color.

His desire is to engage the viewer and captivate their attention with recognizable imagery that dances on the line between realism and abstraction. 


Ramon Mas


Aviator Dreams

The work of Ramon Mas aka RUEM

represents a young lady dreaming of being a piolet, like her hero Amelia Earhart. Pretending to take flight in her paper airplane she pretends to be airborne on a maiden voyage. 

Golden 305


As muralist, I hold a unique opportunity to communicate with viewers on a grand scale.It is my responsibility to take seriously, utilizing this platform to spread messages of hope, unity,and compassion. For me, success is measured not just in the visual impact of my art, but in thesmiles and moments of solace it brings to those who pause to admire it. In essence, my art is a reflection of my belief in the power of human connection and the abilityof creativity to transcend boundaries. Each mural is an invitation to explore the world througha lens of joy and wonder, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who encounter it.

My Story

Homestead Middle School


Art by Zoe

Gator Logo.png

Our first mural project at Homestead Middle School began to take shape late in 2022. Art by Zoe,
an alumnus of HSM got it all started with "Good Vibes Only," seen here.


The goal of the Elevate Arts Foundation Community School Mural Project(s) is to raise awareness for the visual arts as well as raise morale and build a culture that makes attending school exciting. The excitement will be felt in the hallways as well as seen in the schools’ improved attendance.

CPS Banner.JPG

Childrens Home Society (CHS)

One of the oldest NFP's in the state of Florida, helped to kick start the mural project, by purchasing all the Kobra spray paint we needed.



Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 2.42.14 PM.png

Alvin Surreal


Ariel Soler


Jay Ramirez


Xik Art


Will Rivera

0eaed98a-afcd-4263-a632-d315d5e49b1b (1).JPG

Marcos Conde


Rigo Leon


Renda Writer

Didi Contreras

Luis Valle.JPEG

Luis Valle (el_chan_guri)




Juan Alejandro Landaverde



Alejandra Gotera

Thank you Homestead Middle School, Jon Britton and Oscar Munoz for making our first project an award-winning success. Elevate Arts Foundation will always be indebted to you. Thank you for helping us

Make Art Happen.

Go Gators!!

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