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Homestead Middle School

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My Story

The goal of the Elevate Arts Foundation Community School Mural Project(s) is to raise awareness for the visual arts as well as raise morale and build a culture that makes attending school exciting. The excitement will be felt in the hallways as well as seen in the schools’ improved attendance.

Homestead Mural Project began to

take shape late in 2022. Art by Zoe,

an alumnus of HSM got it all started 

with "Good Vibes Only," seen here.

GO Gators!


Art by Zoe

Childrens Home Society (CHS)

One of the oldest NFP's in the state of Florida, helped to kick start the mural project, by purchasing all the Kobra 

spray paint we needed.

Where the Wild Things Are.

Mr. Wilson, CEO of Elevate and an artist himself painted "Where the Wild Things Are," in an effort to pay tribute to CHS and the first book his mother read to him as a child.



Blast Off!

All artists were asked to focus on education and to infuse educational imagery within their work.

The hope is to inspire the entire student body at Homestead Middle School.

Example: Alvin Surreal

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 2.42.14 PM.png

Alvin Surreal


This mural by Ariel Soler

is inspired by his activism in community, constantly advocating for 

conservation  and the preservation of the natural habitats here in

South Florida.

Ariel Soler (@dreadfullydead)



This mural by Jay Ramirez is dedicated to Mr. Kim Hill.

Educator, activist and dear friend. May his quest for knowledge and justice

define our path to make our community a better place.

1964 - 2021

Jay Ramirez


Love Bear

This mural by Wil Rivera is dedicated to the student body at Homestead Middle.

The message is simple. Show Love!

Will Rivera

Education is Power

This mural created by Xik Art (Andres Cruz) was executed with the hopes to reinforce

the ideal that each student possess the power of education. 


Xik Art


This mural created by Macros Conde embodies the power associated with reading; it can touch the heart and expand your


0eaed98a-afcd-4263-a632-d315d5e49b1b (1).JPG

Marcos Conde

Catch a Dream

The latest mural by Rigo Leon

is certain to "catch" the

attention of all who come

across it at Homestead Middle School.

Rigo created the piece so that students and faculty alike could interact with it. Just a quick click of a QR code with your phone

add viewer becomes participate. You are free to add variety of elements to the mural. Have fun! 


Rigo Leon

Love is all we need

This mural created by Renda Writer. Seen here celebrating as he finished another Love Mural.

On tour for years, Renda has

painted thousands of Love murals around the world. His -is a simple message that holds so much truth. Love is all we need.


Renda Writer

Luis Valle.JPEG

Luis Valle (el_chan_guri)

Quetzal in flight

This colossal mural, created by Lusi Valle also known as (el.chan.guri) depicts Central American birds; the quetzal. The painting is dedicated to the students of Homestead Middle School, with the hope that it inspires them to soar to new heights. 



This multi-layered mosaic mural, created by Infiniti is attached to facade of the math building, within Homestead Middle School. The mural utilizes mathematical symbols in an effort to illustrate that sacred space; where art and math (math and art) coexist.   


Precious 2023

Mural created by local street artist Diana Contreras is a piece that utilizes the familiar mermaid imagery to speak on the power of the fenmen spirit. "Precious," our beautiful siren, demands our attention as she calls to us in song.  



Education is Power 2023.

Mural created by local Miami street artist Johnathan Castillo is a piece dedicated to the students at Homestead Middle School, with the hopes that hey embrace life's infinite possibilities. 



Alejandra Gotera

With her largest mural to date. Alejandra blesses Homestead Middle School with a stunning piece -full of color and infinite depth.  Her mark-making is something to behold in person, with detail that gets lost in translation.

Visit the largest outdoor gallery in the DCPS South Region and find out for yourself. You will not be dissapointeed.

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